Hannes Wettstein – Seeking Archetypes

Edited by Studio Hannes Wettstein
292 pages, 23 cm x 30 cm, 2011
Lars Müller Publishers

Awarded as one of the “Most Beautiful Swiss Books” 2011.

The life work of the designer will now be documented and honored in a monograph for the first time. The book presents photos from Wettstein’s world, works, sketches and personal objects. Their diversity makes the essence of his productions tangible and clarifies his design philosophy. Thanks to a comprehensive catalogue with over 300 pieces of work, the monograph can be used as a point of reference. Supplemented with quotes from Wettstein, anecdotes about his life, as well as statements from personalities within the design and architectural scene, presents a complex portrait of an extraordinary designer.

Interns: Martina Brassel, Åsa Frölander