Sebastian Cremers in collaboration with Piero Glina, 2007

Testklang is a platform for image and sound found by Marc Tritschler, former scholarship holder of the Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt and now music director for We Will Rock You Cologne. In 2006 he asked me to think about a visual recipe of how to represent a very abstract musical composition by sagardia on stage, on posters, flyers and on dvd.

I worked on the whole project together with Piero Glina. We used only light beamed in the old wooden concert hall. The viewer should have time enough to reflect and associate on the video as well as on the music. So we took found video material and rasterized every single picture. Afterwards we made the video so abstract that you could only see the dots of this raster effect moving.

For the print material we used black instead of light. Everything else were images we used within the video.

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