Poster for the exhibition “Yes Yes Yes – alternative press”
18th april–6th june 2015, COLLI independent art gallery, Rome
Offsetprint, 70 x 100 cm

The exhibition YES YES YES Alternative Press is about the research “66-77, from Provo to Punk”
on the alternative press scene, from the source of 15 PROVO publications and other European
liberated press practice to the revolutionary underground American movement. This path ends in
1977, the year of the Punk zines, the last revolution before the post-modern alienation.

Participant of the poster project: Dexter Sinister (Stuart Bailey, David Reinfurt), Experimental Yetset, Will Holder, Iza Hren,
Pauline Kerleroux & Adéla Svobodová, Prill Vieceli Cremers, Studio Hato, Batia Suter.